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Wyoming: The State with One Area Code

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When you think about area codes, most states in the U.S. have several to cover their large populations and sprawling regions. But Wyoming is a bit different. The whole state runs on just one area code: 307, and residents couldn’t be prouder of it.

Why Only One Area Code?

Wyoming is vast, but it’s also the least populous state in the U.S., with just over 580,000 residents. This means that a single area code can comfortably cover the whole state. In contrast, California currently has 38 active area codes to handle their massive population.

Screenshot of #307day on Instagram

Celebrating 307 Day

The pride in the 307 area code is so strong that residents have dedicated a day to celebrate it. March 3rd, or 3/07, is recognized as 307 Day on social media. On this day, Wyomingites share their love for the state, post pictures of its beautiful landscapes, and express what makes living in Wyoming so special. It’s a day to celebrate the unique culture and community that the 307 area code represents.

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