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Where Did Afton, WY Get it's Name?

Updated: Feb 2

The world's largest elk antler arch across HWY 89 in Afton, Wyoming. The arch is lit up with Christmas lights and there is snow on the ground

The town of Afton, Wyoming, derived its name from a river in Scotland. The original settlers of the area, which was then known as "Call's Fort," decided to change the name to Afton in 1885 in honor of Afton, a river in Ayrshire, Scotland. The name was suggested by Frederick M. Pierpont, a Mormon leader and one of the early pioneers of the region. The Afton River in Scotland is famous for its picturesque beauty, and the settlers believed that the name would bring a similar sense of charm and tranquility to their new community in Wyoming. Since then, Afton has continued to grow and develop as an important town in Star Valley, Wyoming.

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